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Who can buy from WJ Timber?

Anyone...From the developer, the Installer and right through to the homeowner, we aim to provide the best possible price for anyone wanting quality hardwood timber floors.

What's the difference between a floor from WJ Timber and other suppliers?

Actually there is no difference, All suppliers source there flooring from mills scattered all up the east coast of Australia and being an Australian product all mills when producing there timber flooring must meet Australian standards AS2796.1—1999. The only difference between mills is slight color variances due to different climates and soil contents and a very slight variation in the hardness, but you can rest assured that no matter what mill your new floors have been sourced from they have all gone through strenuous testing before being released by the mills.

What else can WJ Timbersupply?

Our website is designed to give you a guideline of what flooring is available and what we can supply to you. However we can also supply you with other flooring products and building materials at a very competitive Price. Contact us and see if we can help you save money as we are always up for the challenge and are more than happy to negotiate on your behalf.

Can I buy with confidence from WJ Timber?

Of course you can, we are in the business of selling timber floors and without a good customer base we cannot continue to provide our services. Our customers are our most valued asset so we do all we can to make sure your satisfied with your investment and will hopefully refer us to your family and friends. Our aim is to gain and retain your business...You are our investment!

What are the hidden extra charges?

With some suppliers there are hidden extras that may make them appear financially attractive over another. At WJ Timber we are up front with all our prices and extra's.

So for your information our prices do not include:

We give you the option to reduce the overall cost by giving you various payment options and your choice of delivery or pick up. We use an independent transport company who has many years of experience in the flooring industry and a very competitive rate however if you feel you can source a cheaper rate then please feel free to use your own transport company to pick up your order.

With the various payment options we recommend direct deposit into our bank account thus eliminating any extra bank fees, however feel free to use any of the payment options we provide.






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