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Selecting grade.

All Timber flooring is graded in accordance with Australian standards AS 2796.2.

The grades specified in the Standard are primarily based on features and desired aesthetic appearance. The grades of hardwood products are as follows.

•  SELECT GRADE - Select grade is the highest quality timber with minimal features such as knots, holes, splits etc. it is also the most expensive.

•  MEDIUM FEATURE GRADE - Also known as standard grade. Is the middle range grade. It has more natural features than select grade however is still fairly clean.

•  HIGH FEATURE GRADE Also known as natural grade, Is the most marked of the three with high amounts of natural features, This grade is popular in homes wanting the rustic look.

Grades of timber

NOTE: Due to timber being a natural product some combinations of product, grade and species may not always be available.

Availability should be checked before specifying.

The grading names in this Standard are not intended to indicate a ranking of quality. For some applications and species, an increasing proportion of features may make a product more desirable rather than less.


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