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How do I work out my Area?

Your installer should be able to work out your area and tell you how much timber to purchase, however if you would like to work out your own area it can be calculated by breaking up the room in to squares, rectangles & triangles and then adding up all the areas
  • Rectangles & squares: measure a wall (5.0) & then measure the adjacent wall (4.0m )

    5 x 4 = 20m2

  • Triangles: measure the shortest wall (3.0m) & then measure the wall at right angles to that (6.0m) multiply the two & then half the value.

    3 x 6 =18

    18/2 =9.0m2

How much timber do I need?

When ordering timber you must always allow for a "waste" factor, generally this is 5% extra on the total area.

eg: 200m2 + 5% = 210m2 required

Do not allow yourself to be confused with industry terminology as timber lengths are generally sold by the lineal metre, not the square metre due to varying widths of the boards. This conversion is easy for those within the industry, so make sure that you always obtain m2 rates to keep your calculations easy for your understanding.

NOTE: 5% applies to select and standard grades, for natural grade allow for 10% waste.


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